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Grand Ballroom

Elegant red drapes and finely crafted crystal chandeliers elicit the grandness of the Grand Ballroom. Complemented with a spacious foyer, column-less 8-meter high ceiling, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and an English theater-style stage representing a fusion of classical and contemporary design, the Grand Ballroom is your facility of choice for all occasions, including banquets, international conferences, runway shows, and product launches.
The Grand Ballroom covers 170-ping (560 sq meters) and has a capacity of 38 tables (12seats per table) When configured in classroom style, Victoria Ballroom can seat up to 400 people.



Victoria Ballroom

Taipei city’s fast-pace tempo instantly slows down in the magnificently designed Victoria Ballroom. The work of celebrated designer, the column-less 3.2-meter high ceiling is transformed into a splendid display of shimmering clouds through the brilliant...


This elegant salon features up-to-the-minute contemporary design and is just right for a group of 16 to 20 people. Or you can move the walls back to form enough space for 9 tables or about...